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Health and Medical Questions

If your question relates to a specific medical condition or symptom, we cannot provide any health or medical advice in these areas. We always advise you to consult a qualified medical professional about your specific condition and to do your own research. We personally use and highly recommend your local doctors who can answer health and medical questions via phone or text.


Questions About Articles and recommendations

If you have questions on a specific WorldofPeptides article or recommendation, please leave your question as a comment below the article so that other readers can benefit from the dialogue as well.

If you have general questions related to peptides, health, fitness, nootropics, or skincare, I’d recommend checking out the Start Here Page or doing a simple search on the site with whatever you are looking for information on. That will bring up any information that we’ve covered on the topic so far.

If there is topic you would like to suggest we write about in a blog post, that has not already been covered, leave it as a suggestion below (please use the site search feature before emailing to make sure it hasn’t been covered already). You will most likely not get an email response back, but if there is enough interest or it’s a topic, we think it would be a good fit, we’ll consider research or interview an expert and write about it.


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We allow links back to our website and specific posts on our site from high quality educational websites. We also allow quotes of up to 300 words provided that there is a link back to the original post.


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Questions About Articles and recommendations


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